Why are people so sexual

How many of you girls out there like to be called sexy by a man you have never met? over the internet! yeah it has happen to me and I think it is very abuseive if you ask me whats you input on it do you think it is abusive or not !

Answer #1

Omg I hate it sooo much when people do that to me too! for so many reasons. and I hate it when guys do that and they know I have a boyfriend, it pisses him off too. Some guys have no respect. actually a lot of guys.

Answer #2

A lot of guys do that and I hate it! Even married man with their wives and children right on ther side in the street! And they have the gutts to look at you like your a piece of meat, in front of their family! I completely DESPISE those kind of man!

Answer #3

I hate it.

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