Why are people so stereotypical about the wiccan religion?

Why are people so stereotypical about the wiccan religion?

Answer #1

becasue well cant help it/. We were all made with a stupid instict to have our likes and dislikes and we use it on people too. Thats why I think that the human race is pathetic.

Answer #2

because society has been indoctrinated by the followers of christ into believing that it is somehow EVIL. they don’t comprehend the philosophy behind it, and I think that in certain instances- they fear it. they are taught that nudity is a taboo, that it is sinful. but the way I see it is that I am going to believe and do what I feel is right- so the heck with the rest of the world, if they can’t see what I see, then it is not my problem. to each his own- I don’t go out of my way to influence people in my beliefs, people come to wicca after a journey of discovery- that is what makes it special and unique. and besides it is human nature to ‘stereotype” first and ask questions later.

Answer #3

Look the wiccan religion up on the internet and make sure to research the history then you will find know. Traditionally they were astrong organization but have been linked to moletation, rape violence etc.

Don’t take someone’s word for it on here look it up.

Answer #4

when it really comes down to it- wiccan/ paganism ( including the native american beliefs) are the basis for a lot of our current medical science. a lot of beneficial drugs have been derived from plants that witches and shamens have been using since the dawn of time. that is one of our contributions to the world. I say that if they don’t get it- the hell with them. my life is good- and I do let people know where I stand- I let my pentagram hang around my neck- on the outside of my shirts. part of being accepted is to state what you believe, and to stand behind it. I do not live my life by who outsiders think I am, my friends and family know I am a great person, a good man, that is all that matters to me. ignorant people can stereotype me all they want, but it doesn’t make what they say true. we are the only ones that can either live the stereotype- or live for ourselves, and rewrite how things are. we are not evil- we would get it back threefold. “do what you will, as long as it harms none” not much to misunderstand- pretty simple if you ask me.

Answer #5

Be assured that the bible does not sanction this religion. If you pursue it, you are in direct opposition to what God desires. He tells us to have nothign to do with other religions. This is for anyone that cares what the bible says. If you do not, you are most definately free to make your own choices, and to pursure what ever you choose to follow. As for me and my house, we will follow God.

Answer #6

Because they think its evil -.- My friend said “ WICCANS ARE EVIL DIRTY b*tches” I know, its hurtful. All the spell casting and magick. They think thats evil, dirty work. You know, Snow White’s step mother:the poison apple. Thats how my little cousin learned about Wicca when she asked her mother; she wrinkles her nose and says EVIL LADY. She now assumes this religion is evil.

Answer #7

Because people are ignorant as to what we are.

Answer #8

because their retarded and dont know crap =D

Answer #9

because they think you guys do witchcraft and voodo

Answer #10

I agree humans are pathetic

Answer #11

because the cristian religion said anything different is evil :(

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