Why are people into beastaility?

Whats so exciting about having sex with a animal ? And is that what it means? I respect if your into that but can someone please tell me whats so cool about that. Or what yu think?

Answer #1

Sex with an animal? I’d rather get swine flu and die from it

Answer #2

I think it’s honestly really gross to wanna have sex with an animal. I mean, stick to your own species.

Answer #3

its not cool and its nothing to be respected beastilality is illegal and basically cruelty to animals its people using animals for there own sexual needs whch is pretty disgusting people can be attracted to anything, just like some people have a shoe fettish or a fettish of midgets or of people missing a limb and get off on them, some people get off by having sex with animals its certainly not anything to be proud of though if someone does this, because its wrong

Answer #4

yea your right lesbian is better than animals any day

Answer #5

haha. I mean if yur that desperate yu can hire a hookerrr

Answer #6

It is quite wonderful, especially if you have a loving relationship with the animal. If the animal instigates the sexually contact I do not feel it is abusive in the least. Much less cruel that having them neutered so that have no desire

Answer #7


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