Why are my period sypmtoms unbearable?

Lately, my periods are starting to get unbearable. When I start my menstral cycle, the first day is always brutal. I start getting severe cramps, dizziness and vomiting. It hurts SO bad I usually stay in bed and try not to move for the day. But sometimes it goes away around night time. Does someone have any idea what’s going on? Please help.

Answer #1

your period symptoms, unfortuantly, are normal from the sounds of it.

many girls get very bearable period symptoms, and some pain killers will cure it, however there are the unfortunate few that get vomiting, excessive pain, headaches, and very bad cramps. Have you tried getting some muscle relaxants from your local chemist? these work wonders on cramps. Also, as for the vomiting, have some lemonade or lemonade ice blocks on hand as they are verry good for settling a sick stomach, or im sure the chemist will have some pills that will help you. To help with the dizziness, this could also be contributed to the vomiting. I.e if you vomit, you loose all the food adn nutrition you had in your stomach, so to combat that, make sure the day before you get your period, you eat very good food. lots of vegies, and lean meats (chicken, fish, kangaroo, less fatty steaks etc). If you are very worried about this, you can go to your doctor, and get yourself checked out, just to be sure. goodluck!

Answer #2

If they are really severe like it sounds they are then it may be endometriosis. Look it up on Webmd.com to see if you fit the symptoms. I have it and I am on a shot that stops my periods because the pain was so bad I couldn’t do anything for days and I was vomiting, etc. I wasn’t diagnosed for years and suffered horribly…they even gave me percocet for the pain which didn’t even help. Super severe cramps are not normal!!!

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