Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?

I just made some hard-boiled eggs and some didn't turn out right. Why are hard boiled eggs sometimes hard to peel?

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Most people add salt to the water the egg is boiled in, this minimize blow-ups (where the shell absorbs cooking water then cracks and the egg white escapes). If slightly too much salt is added, it can also remove moisture from the egg causing it to bind to the inner membrane of the shell. To help reduce the effects of 'dry egg' simply add cold tap-water after pouring out the hot and let stand for three to five minutes. If you wish to let stand longer, ensure the eggs are fully submerged.

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some hard boiled eggs are hard to peel if they r very fresh...when we buy eggs for hardboiling we wait a day or two and then boil them...sometimes if u leave them in on a lower heat setting and boil them longer that can help

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My great aunt had a wonderful method to peel eggs - use a spoon! Just stick the spoon under a cool egg shell and let it's curved form work for you!

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Don't you hate it when that happens?? I find it is easier to peel if you immediately put them under cold water and let them sit a few minutes. Then take the egg in your hand and lightly smack it against the counter top and roll it all the way around. Then peel the shell off in one continuous peel. Works soo much better that way.

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Use older eggs. An egg that is about a week old or older (but of course not past the expiry date) is easier to peel than one that is freshly laid. Why? Two things happen when an egg reaches this age: 1.) The egg becomes more alkaline and 2.) the air pocket at the end of the egg gets bigger as air is absorbed through the porous shell. The combination of these factors magically makes the egg shell easier to remove.

I also put mine right in ice water after I boil them.

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