Why are all girls like this?

All of my past girls and current one have been like the best in school ( and I am grateful to have my current one) like really beautiful , I always complement her like every time I see her and she always says she looks horrible??? I really don’t at all think she ever looks bad… But she will never ever take the complement… She is always like “ whatever I’m ugly as sh*t right now” How or when will she ever realize she is really beautiful?? Please tell me

Answer #1

shes a girl and most girls at some poin in there life will think they are ugly!! coplament her offten but not to offten !! she will get the mesage that youare bored of her saying I and might stop!! XD

Answer #2

she’s probably “fishing for compliments” she want’s you to say she’s pretty- and when she say’s no, I dont.. she want’s to hear, yes you are.. just ignore it, and say okay whatever you think- and maybe it will stop.

Answer #3

wow she sounds really rude and mean… she clearly has a low self esteem and is very vain. trust me, no matter how many compliments you give her, her and any other person with self esteem issues will never accept outside opinions. you might want to watch her…she may have an eating disorder as well…

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