why am I throwing up?

so about a year ago I got really sick from eating a salad and lost a lot of weight. (I went from 112 to about 90 in less than a week) I was scared to eat because everything I ate I threw up so I stopped eating for a few days. well its been a year in a half since and I still havent been able to gain back the weigh(now 93) I still have go throw up after I eat. for example I can only eat two slices of pizza before I start puking everywhere its emberrasing going to school eating lunch and having to run to the restroom because I need to throw up. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that when I eat and I see food I want to puke or sometimes I do. I have seen a doctor but they really don’t do anything about it. Im worried I might have something and keep loosing the weight and get some type of severe sickness. what should I do???

Answer #1

Come on puking non stop. The one think I can think of is your head is telling you to throw up. I use 2 vomit after eating meat but not anymore. Like me I know how to control my puking, but beside drinking beer I don’t know yet.. you may be a picking eater like me. IF you are still contining to throw up this means you Hate food/ meaning stomach rejection.

Answer #2

see a differnt doctor and if that one is no good see another one till you get answers

Answer #3

It could be that you’re stomach has some severe sensitivities and it’s also possible that your stomach muscles are permently spazisming. You really need to see a different doctor, preferably try and get referred to a nutritionist. If it is the stomach muscles it can be treated by muscle relaxants. The doctor can also investigate if you are intolerate to certain foods or have colieac disease, but if it is after abosulutely everything you eat I doubt it’s an intolerance or colieac. Also certain chemotherapy drugs can cause nausea and vomitting after eating, but obviously this only applies if you are going through chemo. To get your food down try eating very small meals but many times a day. This may mean you need a doctors note so that school will allow you to eat in classes etc. Try eating bland foods, like saltine crackers, but obviously you still need to get in all your nutrients so this can be a hard one. Hope this helps and it gets better x

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