Why am I thinking about this?

I have a friend his name is kevin and we have a great friendship, we goof a ton! its great but he is very immature for his age..we both use to like eachother at teh beginning of the year but we boths topped because teh age difference and other stuff.. but we have serious conversations and have ongoing conversations all the time. and we are soo much alike its scary. we are great pair of friends. A couple months later I met this great guy named jim and we started dating and soon enough jim and I became a couple. jim is great he is teh best guy ever hes treats me like a princess and is here for me when I need him and very mature (which I love) and I never stop thinking about him. and we are just great together. I love being with him its just a good and rite feeling. but rite after me and jim became a couple kevin has started acting weird like flirting with me and acting weird. for instance kevin asked me how can I be withsome one like jim.. and when kevin said that I got really pissedoff at him and I havent talked to him since. but the thing is jim and I havent had serious conversations like me and kevin had. and jim and I havent had ongoing conversations. its weird because sometimes I feel I dont jim enough. I think for me to have a good healthy relationship I need ot have deep cobersations with people..so I get to knw them a little better. this is the weird part when im out with jim I have soo much fun and I enevr want it to end but when I get home theres this lil thought of kevin and are conversations and how I havent had one wit jim. but theres one ting that brings me back to jim and that is that kevin could never be the guy that jim is to me.. but why am I comparing an immature loser to a prince charming?

Answer #1

Because it’s obvious that you have some kind of strong connection to the immature loser and felt things with him that is lacking with prince charming. (don’t you love how life deals the weirdest cards at you?) Kevin is belittling Jim b/c it’s obvious that he still has some kind of feelings for you. Asking you how can you be with someone like jim, is a jealous comment made by a close friend who still has an attraction towards you.

Maybe comparing the two of them is your own way of telling yourself that you are unhappy or unfulfilled. Maybe you and kevin are meant to be together and you needed to be shown what kind of man you want out of a relationship. Or maybe you’re meant to be with Jim but needed to see what it is exactly your relationship with him is lacking. Or maybe you’re not meant to be with either of them and will find your real prince charming some place else. Love sucks, huh?

Answer #2

I think you should be with Kevin because you know him a lot he’ll probably be nice and love you a lot. I mean you guys are deep friends and an old relationship is more special than a new one.

xoxo -Angie

Answer #3

even if a person is immature, they can still be mature at times. I may be incorrect but I have a feeling that that is how Kevin… if he can have in depth serious conversations with him, he must not be that immature because if he was, there is no way he could do that.. and have it mean that much to you. I think that in the back of your mind you know that kevin is right for you… even if he is a bit immature.

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