Why am I so jealous?

You see, I have a friend and I feel she has all these great things happening to her. Things I want but I feel like I can’t get. I’m homeschooled so I don’t have many opportunities for a social life. I mean my friend has all these friends and now she even has a hot boyfriend. She has a great life it seems which is why I’m starting to consider going back to public school. I figure if I go back to public school I’ll finally not have such a boring life and everything I want to happen involving a social life will happen. I’ve been homeschooled for almost three years now and I feel I’m a different person and that I’m stronger now and can maybe handle public school better than I used to handle it before I was homeschooled. But I’m not so sure. I really need some advice though. What should I do? By the way this question is more about the going back to public school part than me being jealous and this is the only way funadvice would let me ask my question.

Answer #1

I thnk you should go back to a public school. and if you had problems with your old one go to a different one. its a great way to make new friends and boyfriends. a lot of things are different tho and if you dont think your ready dont go, but I think you should! hope I helped!!

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