why am I not enjoying it?

Okay well so me and my boyfriend have had sex 3 times now. We took each others V Cards, but he comes everytime, but I dont enjoy it at all. I enjoy fingering and touching so much more then actual intercourse… why? is that normal?

Answer #1

yes it is normal b/c neither of you know what you’re doing. you’re going to have to have more foreplay for yourself and he’s going to need more practice relaxing so he doesn’t lose it before you orgasm during sex. it’s going to be awhile before it is good for both of you. be creative and have fun. make sure to use a condom correctly as well

Answer #2

so does FAU stand for Fun Advice User, why not just say anonymous. FAU confuses people

Answer #3

well either your not ready or your not with the right guy?

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