Why am i gaining weight?

Well, for the past two days, I've been eating about 1500 calories a day.

At first, I was 61 kg. And then I weigh myself today, and I weigh 65!

I didn't even drink that much yet, so I know it's not water weight.

I've been feeling a little sick... does that make me gain weight? I'm so confused about this...

So far I ate two slices of toast for breakfast, a banana for a snack and a small bit of macaroni for lunch. Is that a lot? Would that make me gain a lot of weight?

So far I think that's 730 calories.

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I don't think a little weight loss or gain like that over night is all that bad.. It could be a number of things.. Maybe you were wearing different clothes.. Maybe your bowels were full the 2nd time, whereas they weren't the first time. I do not think that being sick makes you gain weight.
You are not going to lose weight over night, just like you are not going to gain weight over night.
Just watch what you eat, less calories, but continue to eat!!! Also, try exercising a little bit, only like 30min a day or so, it will probably take a couple weeks for you to see a change if you really are trying to lose weight!

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burn some of that off...but maybe it's just because your gettin older??
or your body has changed??

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You must BURN more than you take in...Good luck !!

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Maybe your metobolism is slowing down, try drinking more water, and less soda. Gud luck! =p

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