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Why am I drawn to bad relationships?

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Im 27 years old and have always had bad luck with relationships and right now things arent going any better. I have just started having an affair with a man that is 22 years my senior. He is my mechanic. (yea, I know it sounds bad) Anyway.. I have known him for years and we have always had a connection but recently my truck needed some work to pass inspection so I was around a lot more than usual. Well when he told me how much it was going to cost, I joked and said "can I work it off" which was something we had often joked about. Well he was doing the work in stages so when I went to pick it up and make an appointment for the next stage we were standing by the door and he pulled me close to him and kissed me. I was definatly caught off guard but it was nice, really nice. We must have stayed there kissing for half an hr or so. (He owns the shop and is the only one there) So now its been about a month and we are still seeing each other. I know it is wrong because he is married and has kids around my age, but there is something about him that keeps me comming back for more. We havent even slept together yet, just fooled around but he makes me feel like I am the prettiest woman around. Why am I so drawn to him?

Please offer some insight.
torn in nc