Why am I always horny?

Seriously! I’m not just asking this to see what answers I get its a serious question. I have the genitalia of a woman and the sex drive of a man. I always want to have sex… Even more than my boyfriend does. Am I crazy? Lol

Answer #1

lol I wish I knew you:p I think it will past it might be your age

Answer #2

Your just a nymphomaniac (:-) It’s okay.

Answer #3

lucky guy..whoever he is.

Answer #4

If one boy is not enough, maybe two will be that.

Answer #5

you just have a really high sex drive lol

Answer #6

Lol, sex needs are not just for men, woman have those urges as well. You’re just a normal girl who knows what she wants and likes. Sex is meant to bring two people who love each other closer together, so naturally women enjoy the sense of intimacy and pleasure that it brings and like to have more of it. You’re not crazy, just normal. Hope it helps <3

Answer #7

your not crazy lol, I have the same problem… my husband gets to tired and will leave me their high and dry and werenot old farts either im just reallt horny and hes normal lol…

the real question is how to get your boyfriend and my husband to get a higher sex drive ? lol Good Luck

Answer #8

Ok lets say this. My girlfriend is just like you two! Us guys like to have sex, BUT we have a limit after a while and if you dont start spicing things up (this goes for guys and girls) then of course your men wouldn’t be the exact same as you. dont like sit on your couch waiting for him to come home to get laid. Give him a massage, or pour a glass of wine for the two of you. Let things go from there.

Answer #9

Its not that I’m never satisfied… I’m ALWAYS completely satisfied (and trust me so is he WOW) It’s just that after an hour… I want it again

Answer #10

wat is he thinking he needs tp please you!

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