Girls doing things only for attention?

Why do girls do things only for attention?

Answer #1

Cause they’re attention wh0res.

Answer #2

Because they are immature & dont realize they are annoying people like the “am I hot” & “am I fat” quesions

Or some but not be doing it for attention

Answer #3

You guys [ and even girls] trash talk so much, like you havnt sone things for attention. wow sorry didnt know you where perfect.

Answer #4

The same reason guys do - they want attention. Some people are just like that, they want the spotlight to be on them 24-7, and if it’s not they will act out in drastic ways to change that.

Answer #5

well it depends on what you mean by “attention”. some, yes but others no. it just depends on what kind of girl the girl is.

Answer #6

yea sometimes, ill admit I’ve done somethings just for attention. but I think thats boys and gurls.

Answer #7

I dunno but I hate when girls act stupid to get attention from guys and there all loud and act like idiots. I dont know why they like getting attention like that but it does wrk which sucs when people like me want attention but dont get any cause im not an anoying loud flirt that needs the world to know wats going on with them at that exact momment

Answer #8

It’s not only girls that do things for attention, guys do it just as much. They just get so desperate and don’t feel like anyone is paying attention to them so they do certain things to “show off” or to try and “fit in”.

Answer #9

It’s an evolutionary trait. Simple as that.

So, the girl will seek attention because she wants to have the option of choosing between mates.

If she’s already with someone, she still needs to have options. This is the real reason girls love to get made-up even when they’re going out with their boyfriends or husbands. It’s not to look nice for their mates, it’s to feel like they’re still attractive and viable for other companions. It’s necessary to survive in the wild and our social system is as wild as any jungle.

Don’t be surprised if a girl brings drama to the night, or flirts with you gratuitously, it’s just because it’s in women’s nature.

Men do it, albeit, in a different way and for a different goal. Men need attention to feel dominant over other men. It’s a natural instinct, our purpose as mates is to protect our interests; family - girlfriends.

Those guys out there that don’t have anything to really protect (say for instance, they don’t care about relationships and just like to use women) are just acting like that because they’re insecure. They don’t know it, but they’re longing for something.

So you need to intimidate, in a way, your competitors and fellow men in order to stay secure in your attitude towards life.

If men or women didn’t have competition to worry about. They wouldn’t be throwing fits and become self-centered about how they think “so and so” is a POS.

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