why do people feel the need to pick on heavy set people?

why do people feel the need to pick on heavy set people or as most call them fat people? Why do we deserve to get treated any different because of the way we look? I would really like to know because this is really confusing to me because so calle dfat people have feelings and emotions too so why do people pick or make fun of heavy set people?

Answer #1

To make themselves feel better about themselves, plus to make kids feel bad and suicidal. I myself have been a victim of bullying and teasing. Whenever I tried to tell a teacher or principal, or my own parents they have done nothing. I have thought of suicide on many different occasions. SO they do it to make themselves to feel better

Answer #2

I dont know actually. people are really weird in a messed up way. maybe calling heavy set people, fat, makes them feel powerful and better about them selfs.

Answer #3

Character Flaw…no class.

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