What do you answer to your boyfriend saying this?

if you tell your boyfriend I love you and he says why what do you answer to that?

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You love him for a reason. Tell him those reasons! Think of everything that meakes you love him and just let him know.

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He wants to hear why you love him..Do you love his sense of humor? Does he make you laugh? Just name a few reasons as to why you fell in love with him, why you feel this way about him, and why you don't or have never felt this way about anyone else. He wants further reassurance. I agree with ph999 - only say it if you mean it. If you aren't sincere, you will be pulling reasons out of your a**. How do you know you're in love with him? What sets him apart from the rest? Your answers should be derived from those two questions. Good luck!

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well i would say try to explain y i love u is like tryin to explain how warter taste inpossible

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tell him why u love him, but u should only say u love him if u really do and understand that love.

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