Why am I not happy?

Okay my life is perfect but in not that happy any suggestions why??

Answer #1

maybe your not doing anything fulfilling or really meaningful.

Answer #2

Take a good look all around you…any blessings ? - millions will sleep on a dirt floor tonight, no central air/heat…you ?

Answer #3

you’re probably just bored. find something that excites you… you might have to look hard and try new things.

Answer #4

Do some exciting things from helping people out, buying new clothes, eating chocolate, watching films, having girly night in, sleepovers, listening to FUN music :D

Im super happy at the moment and im listening to shania twain - man I feel like a woman and watching eastenders.

go on day trips or for walks.

Find out things that excite you, and embrace things. take up new hobbies or change your appearance.

Think about moral issues like abortion and euthanasia and just wonder about things.


Answer #5

get a new haircut, make new friends, get a pet, go shopping listen to happy songs! eaaat!

do something you find interesting. everythings perfect material wise, but maybe you just need something exciting to do, not just buy a new phone or whatever, because then you will never be satisfied! x

Answer #6

Because you’re fat.

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