why are guys so stupid??

why are guys so stupid?? they don’t understand anything and they don’t believe you or trust u

Answer #1

I know how you feel. Some guys are like this. Like my boyfriend haha..

He has trust issues so its really hard for him to trust me fully. But once a guy trusts you then its all good. It might take a while to get his trust.

If a girls really pretty, it might be hard for the guy to trust you. They have there own issues, like shes so pretty she can have any guy. why me ..So she must be messing with other guys. Thats just the way guys think..I dont know why But I agree, they are stupid.

And a lot of time they dont understand anything, so we as females need to take the extra time to explain things to own stupid boys in our life.

I hope I helped a little but if you need anything else just funmail me

Answer #2

hey what the f. I dont do that so a couple of guys act like that but that dosnt mean you can criticize all of us. what about that gaywad zack effron

Answer #3

hmmm I dont think we’re all dumb.. girls and guys just preceive things differently.

Answer #4

girls dont act the same way? , not all guys are like that. you just gotta find the good ones giev em a chance.

Answer #5

WHIP HIM GOOD =[ im whipped.. but I trust my girlfriend.. ugh im whipped..

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