Why do the way that we phrase our questions change?

Why do the way that we phrase our questions change? Who changes them? Why are they changed?

Answer #1

:) Glad to hear you like it. I’m one of the owners, so if you ever have any feedback, suggestions, etc, feel free to post them in this section “funadvice community” or send me a fun mail.

Answer #2

Thanks. I am new to this “FunAdvice” thing. I really like this website. I think its really cool. I think I am actually addicted to it…

Answer #3

For a few reasons…the site search will bring up (upper right hand corner) the previous discussions & answers about this, but the main issue is that all of our internal technology relies on question titles. I just changed yours to make it more descriptive, as “why” isn’t as informative as it could be.

Also, on the home page in particular, we only show the question title, so it’s really difficult to understand a question when it’s only one word.

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