Whta do i do now?

Well I really like a guy named Arturo, and yesterday me and him were alone in the gym lobby and we were hugging and he was like squeezing me but I liked it, it didnt bother me, but when he said what about my kiss I got kinda scared and I looked at him straight in the eyes but I just put my head down on his neck, and I had the perfect time to kiss him and I got several chances, but he didnt go to school today but what should I do tomorrow? should I get him alone and kiss him? and this will be my first kiss...

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That'd be the perfect time to do it. If your shy about it, and he tries to kiss you again, but you want to kiss him, just be like " I'm an amateur at this" and then kiss him. You could always start out by kissing him on the cheek, and then if he really wants to kiss you, you can just let HIM kiss YOU. it'll sound cute, depending on what kind of guy he is.

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