Whos yours man

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This man!

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My husband (in real life).

Get my man to get me off....?

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I have one

Loosing your man
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boo me niether

How can I get my man to be more romantic?

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I dont have one

Why is my fiancee going out with another man?
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Don't have one..

why cant I find a good man

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Tracks of my lipstick on ya mans jacket
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I don't mind da single life =D

How do I get my crush to leave her man?

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well how about trying to find one and theres the purfect man for you and if you do have one hold him tiet and dont let him go

How do I know if my man wants marriage?
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well if you dont have a man then dont stop looking and if you think you fond the man then dont let nothing come between you and the one you fond because you will find the right one ok so dont give up

Sexy things to do for your man.
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Hello my new friend
my name is nora,
I found your profile today and i decided to contact you for us to have
agood relationship .Please if you really interested in me kindly contact me in my box with
my private email so that i we send you my picture .
Below is my email address
Hoping to hear from you
Have a nice day
Yours in love nora,
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What should I do for my man on his birthday?

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