Whos your best friend on Funadvice??

Who is your best friend on funadvie list you top 10 haha lol

Answer #1

My favorite advisors are: Mandyloo Thedude stephanief987

My favorite regular users are: Jax legato93 crazyforspongebob beautifuldisaster27 mee210 ashleykp1818 psycho

Thats it haha

Answer #2

My favorite advisors (ranging from when they were last online): ~ thedude ~ ichibanarky ~ loulou11
~ ty
~ editor
~ colethky
~ mandyloo
~ mysterywolf
~ akumo
~ saucybaby
~ informer_220
~ lex_icon

My favorite regular users (no specific order): ~ xsirpsychox ~ pwincess_irenemarie ~ flowerchild ~ breezey ~ ashleykp1818 ~ angelfire2708 ~ captainassassin ~ william4 ~ listen ~ alexboo13

Remember: These are just the people I’ve personally talked to the most, I like most of the users here it’s just hard to keep track of everyone.

Answer #3

Top Ten? In no particular order:

thecowgod stephanief987 mysterywolf thedude mandyloo editor dallasfan2008 akumo ty colethky

ok, I know I missed some, but it’s too hard to round them all up into 10

Answer #4

Uhhh…I on;y have one and thats Hayjay2.. Having best friends online seem queer to me. I like realistic ones. :D

Answer #5


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