Whos on the cover of the book vampire diaries?

Ok so Im confused. My friend said that on the book The vampire diaries: dark renunion and the fury Elena Gilbert is on the cover. But who is on the Nightfall and the return one? Or did my friend get it mixed up? Help.

Answer #1

Well I also just read that the girl on the cover of the 2nd book is Katherine. I hadn’t thought about that possibility. Maybe it is? I don’t know.

Answer #2

No, none of the books have Caroline on the cover. It’s Stefan first, then Elena as a vampire, then Elena as an angel, and then Damon.

Answer #3

No, it’s Stefan, then Elena as a vampire, then Elena as an angel (I’m pretty sure I’m right), and then Damon. Caroline isn’t on any of the covers.

Answer #4

I thought the first cover was stephan, then elena, caroline and finally damon but that was just my initial presumption?

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