Who would you hang with

Johnny depp Or Brad pitt

Who would you rather hang with

Answer #1

Johhny for sure. Only if he has his pirate costume on and the accent. lol. Brad pitt would have a thing called angelina attached to him lol ohh and the 500 kids.

Answer #2

Johnny Depp definitely. I like him WAY better than Brad Pitt but I think they are both awesome actors. Depp just seems cooler

Answer #3

I would say Johnney Depp because hes more out there and like brad pits not but I would prefer to hang out with my friends

Answer #4

Brad is just a stupid blonde bimbo. Give me johnny any day.

Answer #5

Depp IS cooler.

Answer #6

HELLO I Would Totally Hang With Johnny. He is so HOT!!!

Answer #7

Johnny Depp! he is my long lost adn never knew I exist husband! ♥ ♥ ♥

Answer #8

Johnny Depp..I love him!! He is one of my favorite actors.

Answer #9

braaad piiitt..lol

Answer #10

id go along with kiasu’s reply ;)

Answer #11

Ell: Brad pitt definately, I’d risk Angelina biting my head off.

Answer #12

Brad Pitt

Answer #13

johnny depp hes so sexy in his pirate costume:)

Answer #14

That’s creepy. Why are 14-15 year girls attracted to a Man who’s close to 45? Disgusting. Find someone your age.

Answer #15


Answer #16

Lighten up bbb…:):):)

Answer #17

You maybe?


Sorry, couldn’t resist that.


Answer #18

Neither kiera knightly would be better if you ask me.

Answer #19

Johnny alas my love…

Answer #20

Johnny Depp

Answer #21

Johnny, he knows Olli.

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