Who will win Holland or France

who do you tnk will win this game Holland or France remember that Holland beat Italy badly from 3-0 who will win this one?

Answer #1

pssh. hollands win over italy was impressive.. But this is frances game. They have full squad.Henry,Ribbery,Makalae,Benzema..They have more depth its france all the way:) who do you think will win?

Answer #2

Holland! Thats where I live :-)

Answer #3

ugh I stand corrected..holland played amazing. I love dirk kuyt even though I was routing for france

Answer #4

why? who do they have to stand up to frances depth??

Answer #5

I tnk holland will win this game also!!

Answer #6

did you watch you germany prtugal game? germany is looking pretty damn good

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