Who will help me with this stupid situation?

Look, this is just me being stupid, but… Last Business lesson nobody handed out my exam book, but I couldn’t (because I am really shy) say “hey, where’s my book?” so I ended up not really doing the work that was set. Problem is, now the teacher will look in my book and see nothing, but he knows I was in the lesson. He already thinks I’m a complete loser. What do I do?

Jesus, sometimes I hate being me. I have considered skiving next lesson and hoping he will forget by the next lesson. Is that an good idea? What Do I Do? I don’t want him to think I am an even bigger loser, especially in front of the entire class.

Answer #1

Ok. You need help. Your self-esteem/self-worth is so low, it’s practically non existent. ‘failurebydesign’ Well that says a lot. No one is designed to be a failure. No one is intrinsically wrong. That person doesnt exist. So dont flatter yourself, you’re not special enough to be designed wrong. Go find a counselor. I dont care how you do it, but go do it now. The way you think (yes this is all in your head) is messing with your life. So go fix it.

Answer #2

I don’t think it’s a good idea for you to skip class. Perhaps before the lesson starts, go and tell him what happened, who cares if he thinks your a loser, he isn’t excacly glowing himself. = ]

Answer #3

Well you need to stop being too shy because as to what I could observe, its affecting your studies, and thats obviously not a good thing. You need to talk to the teacher and let him know what happened. If he truly is a good person then he would understand and be respectful to you, but if he doesen’t then I guess you would know that he is the true looser not you ;]…and dont worry I was like you as well and it took me a while tostop being so shy lol, and of course, dont skip your class because you will miss even more, show him you really do care, but do it for yourself and help yourself

Answer #4

xx_ashlii_xx, why are you calling the person who posted this question a weirdo? Go and tattoo a big letter L on your forehead. ( L = Loser ).

Agreed with Iholly, approach your teacher and be upfront… If he’s decent he will not single you out and make you look like a fool in front of your classmates…Next time this incident happens again be sure to say something…Remember your shy, that’s doesn’t make you a loser, at least you care about what other people think of you.:) .. A loser is someone who calls another person a weirdo without even bothering to help answer their question.

Answer #5

y don’t u just tell him the truth and if he don’t like it tell him to fuck off xx +)

Answer #6

stop being a wierdo.

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