Who went to church today?

Who went to church today? I did, I needed to go!

Answer #1

I did!! And, I had to do some confessing which wasn’t something I wanted to do but, I had too. I love church, and, to tell you, I go every Sunday. I feel so much better when I go to church.

Answer #2


Answer #3

I Went!! But The Preist Is SOOO Annoying!! && Rasict!

Answer #4

yep! shur nuf!

Answer #5

I did.. we got a new preacher. and he is really good. LOVE IT.

Answer #6

im athiest sorry…=[

Answer #7

me :)

Answer #8

your mother is in my prayers

Answer #9

I try to not miss to

Answer #10

I stayed at home this week to care for my mum, who’s just come out of hospital. My dad went to church and came back and told us all about it, and I might get to a mid-week service instead.

Answer #11

I dont go to church im athiest…sry

Answer #12

of course I did. I never miss church

Answer #13

ha lol! I was at church at 10:30 & got home @ 3…but we had fellowship dinner though

Answer #14

for almost 3 hours

Answer #15

sure did! felt good, too!

Answer #16


Answer #17

I did

Answer #18


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