Who Wathches American Idol?

who watches american idol? who do you think will get knocked off this week?

I already have the bottom 3: Lil’ Rounds Anoop Desai Matt Jerard

Answer #1

the top 3 will be adam danny, and allison

Answer #2

I love it sooo much ,, I watch every week ,,but here I dont watch it live but the very next day ,, anyway I like danny and used to like matt but not anymore and I think that lilrounds and anoop are going home

Answer #3

The real question here is who DOESNT watch it … Lmfao I’m so stupid haha srry lol :] I watch American idol its the bestis !

Answer #4

The top 3 will be Adam, danny and Chris…I honestly think that Adam will be our next american idol..

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