Who watch star trek the next generation?

I watch, I have always watched star trek since I was about 5. Just wanted to know who does watch the tv show, not so much the new movie but the show. Just want to see the gender/ages of people who watch it.

Answer #1

I still watch an episode or two per week, assuming my girlfriend is in a generous mood and will allow it to be played.

Answer #2

I do. I love Star Trek.

Answer #3

My mom said ST the original series was the only time id be still and quiet for more than 5 minutes when i was between 4 & 12 months old. Yes that was when it was on originally in its final season. But i guess because of that i love the shows, all 6 of them and all 11 movies. Especially STNG, it was one of the best written of them, with (at the time) cutting edge effects. I own all 7 seasons on VHS (yes theyre old tapes) and i dont……..hell i cant go more than a week without watching at least 1 episode.

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