Who was your worst kiss with and how?

just wondering. because mine was bad. the guy didn't have a clue what he was doing!

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This one chick I was with had braces and thought it was acceptable to flip her mouth inside out into mine and I ended up with bleeding lips and the sort. Oh and she did this wired thing with sucking all the air ot of our mouths as we made out? Wierrrd stuff man.

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haha mine was with this one guy.I thot it was really badd because his breath was like hott and eww and the kiss was sloppyy.it was SOOO nasty!

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Alright mine was with my most recent ex. I like the girl above had to give him gum and all that good stuff. He was very sloppy and his spit literally went ALL over my mouth. It was so nasty.
But basically what YOU have to do is lead the kiss. When you're with someone you have to learn and teach eachother what each of you like/don't like.
And the guy even had the guts to tell ME I was a terrible kisser lol!

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He had bad breath. No matter what I did. I gave him lots of gum and mints, and I tried to be subtle about it. Didnt work. Ugh.

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