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Okay now how do I find the right guy? Will I just know? Or will it take a while?

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My advice is to establish a relationship. Ask the guy you have in mind to the movies or something like that. nothing to big just casual. Do that a couple of times get to know one another. you seem like a nice girl so dont go rushing into anything. If hes the right guy you'll know. and dont be afraid to initate the kiss yourself. If it feels right then go for it. Chances are he feels the same. just dont let him bully you into anything your not ready for. If he wants to kiss and you dont. just turn around and walk away. again good luck.

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well I am 15 and only kissed two guys.
the first was my best friend who I fell for but he kissed me... it was akward and we dont talk anymore, we are fihtin and I miss him...
the second guy I kissed twice but it was kinda wierd.. it was this summer.
I was on vacation... and we met and only had two days togther but yeah... dont kiss someone who you may never see again bad mistake.
but you will just know.. it may take a while but you'll know..

what am I going to do now I have kissed my boss?

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