Who Thinks it's okay to like a 17yr old if your 15???

Okay so I’m 15 and a sophmore I really like this boy who’s 17 and a senior. We are friends in a wierd way because he’s my girl cousins bff and he’s actually my neighbor. During summer we hung out a lot and would usually stay up till 4 am talking on a social site. Later in sep he gave me his # and we started texting. I told him I liked him but he just said I’m flattered. Then after me my cousin and him went to my aunts weding he has never texted me again and it’s been 3 months! Is it okay for me to like him still?

Answer #1

I am 15 and my boyfriend is 17.. its absolutely fine.. as long as he realises he cannot take advantage of you, find out how he feels about you, and if he likes you too, then go for it (:

hope I helped :D x

Answer #2

yeh sure - yoou need to see how he feels about you though and see if your wasting your time - and its fine if your 15 and hes 17 its only 2 years different

Answer #3

Being 15 and liking a 17 year old is totally fine. Its really not thattt big of a difference. As long as your not like totallyy immature. Its okay for you to like him, dont take it personally he hasnt texted he could have been busy or somehting. find out the details before you react. Have you tried talking to him? Id say talk to him, and see if he likes you. Then go fromt there.

Answer #4

While there is only a two year age difference, think of how much you have changed since you were 13. Getting into high school and being able to drive and things like that matures you way that you won’t understand until you are there. Don’t take it personally its really just a fact of life.

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