Who the heck knows how to tease "scene" hair very good!?!?

Ok so I have watched almost every how to do scene hair,and how to tease scene hair video on youtube! I can’t find one that says “how to tease thin scene hair” Gosh! My hair is super thin and I thought…ok this is a good hairstyle,it will be big and not make my ears poke out…but I have tried it and I have use so much hair spray.Nothing works!And I really need some help…like…how to make your hair thicker or whatever because nothigns working!

Answer #1

I want my hair to be thinner

Answer #2

use gel more then hairspray hairspray I and thin hair causes balding. im really good at it but I use a lot of hairspray. but I have really thick hair so it doesnt effet me

Answer #3

if its reeallly thin you should put some volumizing spray on your roots and start teasing from there … but straighten your hair AFTER you tease it

Answer #4

extensions. they would help with thickness. a full head is really expensive but only a couple strips are pretty cheap to glue in and they look natural if they match your hair color

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