Who sings 'I know you and you know, you know me' From an advert?

Who sings ‘I know you and you know, you know me’? From an advert!? LOL I NEED TO FILL SOME SPACE LOLS PLEASE TELL ME YOU BUM HOLES

Answer #1

aaa thanks so much thats the one!! you life saver!!

Answer #2

its not any of them :’( but I do like that robbie williams song!! but when I see the advert again ill write what its for!! thanks anyways!

Answer #3

its either: 1)You know me - 2 pistols ft. R-jay 2)You know me - Robbie Williams 3)D you know me - John Mayer 4)Run It - Chris Brown - this has the exact same beat and it was the first song I thought of when you gave me the lyrics try it out maybe thats the one you were looking for and got lyrics mixed up tell me if you found the song or if you liked one of the songs

Answer #4

Is that from the Heinze Ketchup ad?

If so, I think the song is I know you, you know me and the band is called The Tease

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