Who should I do my project on?

I’m doing a project type thing in my history class. I’m supposed to write about someone who has an impact on this world. It doesn’t have to necasarly be someone from a bazillion years ago, but yeah. Who do you think I should write it on?!?!

Answer #1

lol, bubblicious, she said the world, not just the U.S. hmm a religious figure? any of the people who started major religions… (Jesus, etc) Any one the big conquerors, Alexander the Great, Julius Cesar etc… Inventors, scientists… Ben Franklin, Bill Gates, etc etc…

Answer #2

let’s see impact on history!?!? any pres. anyone who had to do against the Fight Against Slavery ex. Harriet Tubman or John Brown. Something about indians that supported them!! MARTAIN LUTHER KING or even JR. They changed ppls minds!!

Answer #3

John Brown!!! I heard he looks really creepy, but I don’t know if that’s true..but John Brown is pretty cool!

Answer #4

You could write about Abraham Lincon. He had an inpact on this world with the Civil War and all.

Answer #5

write about Robert E. Lee, the South in the Civil War, Jefferson Davis and how they did not mistreat their so called slaves. they were actually indentured servants who went free after only 6 years of service. they did not beat them or any thing as they paid good money for them. most of them became Christians themselves, and they more than likely would not nave if they had been mistreated. read the books: ‘the south was right’, ‘why not freedom’, ‘was jefferson davis right’, ‘idiot’s guide to the civil war’ and learn the truth about the ‘civil war’, better know as the war between the states.

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