Who's your favorite guitarist???

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slash-gnr and velvet revolver
dimebag darrel(RIP)-pantera
john frucisante-red hot chili peppers
jimmy paige-led zeppelin
mick mars-motley crue
tom morello-rage against the machine

ANSWER #2 of 8

Robbie Kriger

ANSWER #3 of 8

Saul Hudson (SLASH)

ANSWER #4 of 8

Richie Kotzen

ANSWER #5 of 8

ooo synester gates or paige from bullet for my valentine
there awesome!! haha :)

ANSWER #6 of 8

syn gates

ANSWER #7 of 8

I like jim root better than Mick

ANSWER #8 of 8

Mick Thomson of Slipknot.

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