Who's my soulmate quiz test?

Who’s my soulmate quiz test?

Answer #1

You get butterflies when you touch him. You start to feel your heart beat fast and you want it to last. You need him by your side. You feel like your the only 2 people on this planet when you kiss and you couldn’t live without him.

Answer #2

My soulmate is someone who knows me inside out, someone who makes me laugh and cheers me up when I’m down. Someone whom I’m certain that I’m safe with and someone who I truly trust, without any doubts. Someone who would sacrifice himself for your own sake, someone who sees you as his all.. and that nothing is even close to being as important to him as yourself. Someone who you cannot last a day without hugging tightly and feeling his heartbeat against your chest. Someone who gives you butterflies everytime he looks into your eyes and touches you. Someone you look forward to see, with butterflies in your stomach. Someone who thinks your flaws are actually cute. Someone you get a bit shy around. Someone who’s willing to stay up with you all night crying, squeezing your hand for hope and courage if you need it. Someone who’s willing to grieve with you in your loss. Someone whom you cannot seem be able to stop chatting with, narrating your experiences and expressing your feelings towards each other.Someone who Loves You, truly, madly, deeply. <3

Answer #3

Your soulmate should be someone who makes you laugh. Someone who you love to be around. Someone who gives you butterflys when you touch him and someone who makes your heart beat fast and you just want it to last forever.

Answer #4

My soulmate is not someone I would like at first sight. Someone I`m used to being around and I have seen all their flaws as they’ve seen mine. Someone who loves me regardless of whether I’m fat, short, tall or thin. He is someone I constantly want to be around someone who is sweet with his words and that can make me smile with a simple “ I love you”. Someone who knows what I am thinking and someone who understands me.

Answer #5

He’s got brown hair and hazel eyes. You guys will know when you meet each other. You’ll feel like you’ve known him for a long time, you know the feeling. There’s just something about him that draws you together. You’ll have a feeling of butterflies in your stomache and a since of shyness in your heart. Your face will light up everytime you run into him.

Answer #6

my soulmate is a guy that loves me for who I am. He’s sweet, kind and loving. He always makes me smile. He loves to be loved just like me and he always make me feel happy even when I’m sad. He’s always there for me and he keeps me safe.

Answer #7

martin johnathan istead

Answer #8

a soul mate is someone you feel special to be with ,you feel as if you have known him forever ,he`s like the brother you never had,you can share anything with him .you know even if you did not talk to him or see him for a long time you always have a special place in his heart.you dont really have to hear him telling you, you just feel it in your hearttt.

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