Who plays the acoustic guitar?

If so, whats your favorite song, or songs to play?!

Answer #1

I’ve been learning the blues…its so addicting and yeah paramore is really dumb but I like playing their songs lol no offense :/

Answer #2

I can only play mary had a little lamb lol but im learning other ones!

Answer #3

yeah I’ve taken a break with rock/punk/metal stuff, I been learning a lot of hip hop songs, I just learned umbrella by rihanna, which is the easiest song I’ve ever learned. and now I’m working on milkshake by kelis lol

but yeah you guys have sweet taste in music :)

Answer #4

yea I playy. I luv playing swing life away by rise against…uhmm to the moon and back babe by dead and divine. you and me by lifehouse, polly by nirvana, uhh ther s more..cant think of them right now, ill comment back laterr

Answer #5

I play, some of my favorite songs are “let it roll” by secondhand serenade, “iris” by Goo Goo Dolls, “fast car” by tracy morgan, “emily” by From First to Last, and of course “let that be enough” by switchfoot. oh and “freshman (acoustic)” by The Verve Pipe. I can’t play it because I havent learned it, but “baby, you wouldn’t last a minute on the creek (acoustic)” by chiodos is a nifty song too. “hands down” by Dashboard Confessional. all good songs of course!

Answer #6

Hands down for me is Layla (Unplugged). Its a bad @ss song to have in your arsenal. If you can play the blues it opens a lot of doors into playing other things.

Answer #7

I do. not great, but chords. I love to play coldplay and paramore: )

Answer #8

mary had a little lamb is the shiiittt :]

Answer #9

I play helena by mcr and sweet child of mine by guns and roses

Answer #10

I do. Moon River- really random song but its so pretty

Answer #11

Theres no way I could choose even 1 favorite. I’ve played a lot of good songs.

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