Who: music like all time low, death cab for cutie, flyleaf,ev.?

Anybody know artists like (my favorites)

nevershoutnever, all time low, death cab for cutie, flyleaf, paramore, evanescene,

anybody else like em’ too? THANKS :)

Answer #1

I love love love them :D

Answer #2

I absolutely freaking LOVE all of the bands you just mentioned. here are some you might like- Mayday Parade Chasing Thrill Take Cover Forever the Sickest Kids Scary Kids Scaring Kids The Used PlayRadioPlay Drop Dead, Gorgeous and MANY more but I’m too tired to list the rest.

Answer #3

You should try listening to Pandora radio online. It may introduce you to some pretty cool music

I am a death cab fan. You may also like:

Elliot Smith Heatmiser Muse Oasis The Shins Sia Sufjan Stevens Yea Yea Yeahs Yo La Tengo The Fray A Perfect Circle Tool Kings of Leon Hot Hot Heat Radiohead

I don’t know…what other types of music do you like?

Answer #4

oh I love all time low nevershoutnever! and paramore the best. do you like hey monday?

Answer #5

I love them. you should listen to “seventy times 7” by brand new

Answer #6

love’em all

Answer #7

agreed and thanks!

Answer #8

flyleaf, and evanescence I freaking luv! good taste (: hahahah

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