Who likes soulja boy?

Hi I like soulja boy! Who else does? I am starting a fan club! My name is lil mama

Answer #1

And you need to quit constantly wanting to suck his d*ck. He’s horrible, it’s only sad that people of my generation are dumb enough to buy his music.

Answer #2

yeah hes pretty lame…hes what you call a hip hop clown…while real artists are writng music..people like him entertain the crowd, in the meantime…untilsomethin good comesout…but everyone knows hes just a show clown…peace…learn how to recognize real music from clown acts…peace

Answer #3

I sure hope so I find his song annoying I cant stand rap but then again thats just my opinion

Answer #4

yall pplz need 2 stop hatin on soulja boy

Answer #5

My sister is crazy about soulja boy

I think she listens to him like every day oh yea and she makes pic of her and him once and a while…

Answer #6

start a clown fan club…

Answer #7

Didn’t he jump out a window and die? :\

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