Who likes pooh bear? :o

Umm I love him ^^

Answer #1

Some people would argue that I’m a huge fan, considering I named my children Christopher and Robin (you know - Christopher Robin), but it was really not intentional.

I do like Winnie the Pooh, considering he was a real Canadian bear…I have to be true to my heritage.

Answer #2

Pooh is ok But the mupetts are crack!!! Miss piggy is my favorite . One sexy and classy misstress. Love her as cutey baby piggy and even more when she was all grown up lady Miss piggy. She is one tough piece of pork.

Anyone agree?

Answer #3

I love pooh!

Answer #4

I <3 pooh and piglet. They are so adorable

Answer #5

awesome :D

Answer #6

piglet is the cutest

Answer #7

there cute to :D

Answer #8

I love pooh the most he is so kute and cuddley !!That my nick name also ~Pooh~!!!

Answer #9

He’s cool but I like tigger and eyor more!

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