who likes miley

who likes miley cyrus and who does not like her? just woundering

Answer #1

She has her good points and bad points, like all of us - overall, appears to be a good heart.

Answer #2

I absoloutly dislike her. She’s rude, big-headed, bad singer, annoying, and extremely catty! grrr… I hate her and her freakish other half hannah montana

Jonas brothers are cool though :) -Jess

Answer #3

She’s okay I’ve heard better singers and her acting is hasty but she’s ight

Answer #4

I don’t like her at all. her acting is awful and most people on Dave Attel’s: The Gong Show have oodles more talent than she does. she doesn’t deserve her fans.

Answer #5

get a life instead of talkin crap about other people come on!

Answer #6

She;s my rolemodel I love her and her acting

Answer #7

I hater her!!!

Answer #8

no one thats who! shes always starting crap!

Answer #9

I do. Shes one of my role models. I see nothing wrong with her.

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