Who knows what to say to a boy I like???

I have a boy at school I really like and I flirt with him all the time like to day in art class we had to make a gingerbread house with iceing and all that crap and to make it funny I grap a hand full of iceing and put it in his face we both laugh and crapp I allwhay thank he may like me but sometimes but sometime he dont and like when I had my other boyfriend he would not stop talking to me about himself so… Dont know what to so please helppp!!! Please please help!!!

Thax always <3 abby!!!

Answer #1

Well, it sounds like he may like you back, hang around him more, see what hes like, and then if your too scared to verbally ask, well then do it the 5th grader way and slip him a note, or if your not scared tell him how you feel, if he doesn’t like you for expressing yourself, then hes a bad choice anyways. GOOD LUCK!!!

Answer #2

If he is nice, telling him just that you like him or surprising him by kissing him(at a good private place and a good time) is good because boys think somewhat similarly (like he may be thinking the same thing that he doesn’t know what to say to you to[boys talk about themselvs cause they are nervous and its easy to do] ) by the way the thing that he talks about himself means that he might be nervous around you and that hints that he likes you a bunch ( no lies ) !!! good luck

Answer #3

well you could always maybe bump into him on purpose and drop your pencil in front of him and if he notices that you dropped it say “oh sorry, im a klutz around cute guys…” see what he says! or you can take his phone away from him playfully and and put your number in and put your name in as “txt to find out”. Boys always like a little chase!!! Good Luck!!!

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