Who knows websites to get clothes?

My friend wants to change her image and go girlier without people seeing her I no anyway are places online that sell kinda girlie clothes no goth/punk/rock

P.s because she used to be a tomboy like you wouldnt even think she was a girl and shes afraid people will make fun of her for changing he image

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Thanks a billion !!!

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american eagle and wet seal BUCKLEE && forever21 for suree Also Tryy PacSun! Billabongg and Quicksilverr

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Go to urban outfitters, hollister, and abercrombie and fitch's websites. You can also go to polyvore.com. They have lots of things you can look at

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the thing with buying online .. you may not know your sizes .. if she is worried about people seeing her shopping for girly cloths .. why dont you go and buy a few things with her money that way if they dont fit its easier for you to take them back and exchange them .. but other then that forever21.com has cute clothes ..

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