Who knows of any good PET virtual websites?

Does anybody know of any good virtual websites in which you look after a pet and feed it and play with it but please do not suggest one in which you have to pay real money to buy good furniture and clothes. Also please do not suggest Moshi Monsters:( because it is terrible. Thank-you:)

Answer #1

foopets.com I go there all the time and you take care of a vritual dog or cat it is really fun hope you like it

Answer #2

neopets um there are some a social site apps that you can do that with you could also try getting a nintendo DS and buying many animal games. It may seem expensive but they really are worth it. you can do so much stuff, way more than free internet games also you could try millsberry or club penguin. I know they aren’t exactly what you are looking for but they are similar but not with animals.

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