Who knows if the magic jack works?

Does the magic jack really work? Is there any problems with it? And do you have to install a program on your computer or just plug it in?

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my cousin has it and he loves it. its just like if you got it from the cable company except it costs less. I don't know about it cutting off after 15 minutes but he talks all the time and he is happy with it. hey it costs $1.70 a month, why not try it for a month and find out?

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I hAD it for 2 years and its great because you get your own number but after talking on the phone for 15 minutes the line breaks off or the voice .

I llove the price but I dont think I would renew it

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I have one and I have no complaints- I have talked for hours on mine with no problems.

Front jack for my speakers does not work , how can I fix this ?

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