Who knows a website for asking about scary stuff ?

Ok ,, I have an obsession and I seriously think I’m going mad . . I draw scary things at night and write horrible stuff and I never remember doing it ! I need answers from profesionals ,, not the scientific doctor professionals but proffesionals of like dark magic and stuff ,, please help me and tell me any websites you know or places where you can ring or write to ,, but I only want to call places if it’s free (no phyic hotlines that cost 2 euro a minute) please help I’m so scared and so afraid that I’m gunna do something bad :( xx

Answer #1

um sounds like you just walk and draw things in your sleep. or are schitz… see a doctor and maybe he can recommend you to someone professional. x

Answer #2

Your account says USA but you are typing about Euros, so I’m wondering if you are in Europe. Knowing your location would help…but you need to call some sort of helpline. There are many free ones where you can call anonymously and for free, where you can just talk to someone about your ‘scary thoughts’.



UK: 08457 90 90 90

Answer #3

I have just said a prayer for you right now. In order for you to get your healing, you need to respond and pray as well. Just repeat these words. “God, please set me free. In Jesus name Amen.” After you get your healing, please make a commitment to God, by believing in Jesus Christ and studying the Bible.

The reason you are expereincing this is becasue satan has found a way to get some control you. Reading the Bible will show you what you were doing to allow satan this access(sin). This will also place you under God’s protection so that this will never happen to you again. It is the Power of Jesus Christ that will break you free from this madness.

Answer #4

Oh my. Okay, highly unlikely you’re schizoprenic. Also highly unlikely that satan has over taken your body. Talk to a doctor not a cult.

Answer #5

HOTLINES & SITES       Coping with Grief and Loss   http://www.helpguide.org/mental/grief_loss.htm       Information on teen depression:   http://www.helpguide.org/mental/depression_teen_teenagers.htm       USA Crisis Lines and Hotlines   http://www.pamf.org/teen/hotlines.html       Hotlines list

  Below is a link to a site that lists hotlines for a multitude of needs:   http://www.healthyplace.com/site/resources.htm       Poison Control Hotline:   1-800-222-1222    

Boys Town National Hotline   Call With Any Problem, Any Time   1-800-448-3000   http://www.boystown.org/hotline/index.asp    

  Do you WANT to stop cutting? Then check out this site:   http://www.healthyplace.com/Communities/Self_Injury/BloodRed/stop/index.html       Information on self injury:   http://www.helpguide.org/mental/self_injury.htm       Self Injury help:   SAFE (Self-Abuse Finally Ends) Alternative Information Line 800-DONT-CUT     USA Crisis Lines and Hotlines


  Worldwide:     Check out the Befrienders link below. They are not only a suicide hotline but also offer help to people who are stressed or are in a state of depression.   http://www.befrienders.org/support/helplines.asp

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