Who knows a good song?

Does anyone know a good song with meaningful lyrics? About missing someon le or breakups or love or something like that? (:

Answer #1

break even- the script

Answer #2

The opera “La Traviata” by Giuseppe Verdi has beautiful lyrics and has to do with love, the song “Der Lindenbaum” by Franz Schubert is phenomenally beautiful, and deals with the sorrows and yearnings and wanderings of a journeyman, as he remembers the Linden Tree into which he had cut his name, which in his mind calls back to him and says “here you will find your peace”, there are also very beautiful military and people´s songs. Recently I heard a very beautiful Christian Balkan Slav song about a maiden being requested to let her swain go and lay down his life to defend his people…

Answer #3

I never told you - colbie calliat

Answer #4

Lies by the black keys

Answer #5

well I like when im gone-eminem,simple plan-how could this happen to me

Answer #6

Just lean - lil wayne.

im at war - sean kingston ft lil wayne

Answer #7

falling down-selena gomez

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