Who is your Favorate Member of the Beatles ?

Who do you love the most ?

John Lennon Paul McCartney Ringo Starr George Harrison

and why ?

Answer #1

John Lennon hands down.

Answer #2

Ringo Starr for sure, if you ever watch like an old ed Sullivan show he’s just in the back, his head just flailin around, so funnny

Answer #3

John Lennon- He prettty much MADE the Beatles. lol

but Ringo Starr has a sicc name lol

Answer #4

RINGO STARR he looks diferant he has is own facial featers (in his younger years)

Answer #5

Ringo- he was the snazziest.

Answer #6

John Lennon did a lot for charity, but in the end it was his wife that cost us the beatles. Errrmmm, I’ll go for John Lennon.

Answer #7

john Lennon…literally a musical genius, made up the most real, interesting, and outreaching lyrics…(personal opinion)

Answer #8

I vote for George Harrison !

Answer #9

John Lennon

Answer #10

Paul McCartney :)

Answer #11

George Harrison Handsome Funny Talented Religious Genuine Gosh he just had it all…

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