Who is hotter joe jonas or olando bloom

Joe jonas or olando bloom

Answer #1

OMG!! This is a funny question because I used to have this huge crush on Orlando Bloom I have all his movies!! Then I saw Joe Jonas and I fell in love with him!! But I love them both so this is a tough question!! Hmmm I would say Joe Jonas is hotter!! Orlando Bloom is way older than me haha but I still love him!!

Answer #2

Micheal Jackson, duh.

Answer #3

damn thats tricky they are both super hot , I would say joe because hes younger and can sing but I’d say orlando because hes english like moi

Answer #4

I hate them both

Answer #5

joe jonas ofcourse no way a man hotter than the jonas

Answer #6

Joe Jonas

Answer #7

ahhh… orlando…duh

Answer #8

JOE JONAS!!! <33

Answer #9

Orlando bloom

Answer #10

I really really like Orlando Bloom, but he is way 2 old but he is Hotter I think!!

Answer #11


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